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Best Watch Source web-site is NOT a dealer of brand watches that can be bought there. But we are provided with these watches by other reliable and authorized dealers and sources. We don’t cooperate with shady and unreliable sources. 

Watches Serial Numbers

In order to make identification of the watch better, every manufacturer of watches imprints a serial number on it. Every watch that sells is guaranteed to have its own intact serial number. We also guarantee that all watches are authentic, and their serial numbers have never been modified or altered. 

Detailed Explanation of Warranty


All manufacturers require to sell their watches to authorized dealers at full list prices. Although, a lot of them are sold with 40%-50% discount. Our company has agreed with direct American and international dealers to buy large quantities of goods all the year round. That is why they sell us watches with discounts. This is an advantage for the dealer because he or she makes quick and easy profit and looks good with the manufacturers. 
In so far as our watch shop is not the official dealer, manufacturers don’t honor the warranty. But don’t worry, our Best Watch Source will provide you with the warranty that is equivalent to the manufacturer’s one. 
If something is wrong with your watch, you have an ability to send it back to us. This possibility is available for 2 years from the date when you have bought a watch. We have made an agreement with qualified watchmakers to correct such simple issues as changing of battery, regulations and so on. It is also important to mention that water resistance testing after the opening of a watch is completely guaranteed. Our watchmakers work in special centres, that is why they make these corrections easily. 
Moreover, if we determine that the defect of your watch is more serious, our authorised dealer will deliver it back to the manufacturer. The only problem here is time, because sometimes 4-8 weeks are needed to repair your watch. In some cases this period can be even longer.

"Best Watch Source 2 Year Warranty" as the Best Watch Source Limited Warranty

The Best Watch Source provides you with a warranty that is active during 2 years from the moment you have bought a watch.
Battery replacement and manufacturing defects are only corrections that are covered by a warranty. 
Damages such as finish scratches, glass, crystals, worn out or torn leather, fabric or rubber straps, wearing a watch under conditions that exceeds the manufacturer’s limitation of water resistance or some accidental and physical abuse are not covered by the warranty. 
Best Watch Source handles any warranty repair, but in case your watch has been opened or repaired by somebody else all warranties will be avoided. Within the period of warranty we can not only repair your watch, but also change it for a new one at out discretion. 
All costs for shipping and insurance that must be paid for warranty return to Best Watch Source are paid by the customer. A traceable courier should ship your watch return via UPS or USPS, but not via FedEx. The last one doesn’t insure goods which price is above $500. Return shipment must be insured and paid in advance. A customer is responsible for damages and loss. 
When the watch is repaired, Best Watch Source returns all shipping expenses to the customer. 
When you return your watch, make sure that it has a RIRN (return item reference number) that is outside the box of the watch. If this number is absent, the return will be refused. You should also include address, contact number, return address and don’t forget about a copy of your invoice and letter where you have to indicate the problem.
Address for return shipment:
Best Watch Source
71 West 47th Street Booth 26
New York, NY 10036 


Manufacturer Warranty - defined by "All Papers Included":

Sometimes Best Watch Source includes a stamped warranty card of an authorized dealer to the watch. We add a detailed description to every watch where we clearly indicate which warranty is provided. We indicate “All Papers Included” in case when we pass along a warranty of a manufacturer. 
In case the warranty of a manufacturer is included in the box of watch, we also include the original authorized warranty card that gives an ability to handle all warranty requirements directly between the manufacturer and the consumer. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we will not help you in getting the warranty service. If something goes wrong with your watch, don’t be afraid to contact us and we will inform you where to send a watch for repairing and how to get warranty service. 
If you have bought a watch with the original warranty of the manufacturer, the warranty of the Best Watch Source will not be in effect.

Security and Privacy

Our web-site and all information that we store in our computers are protected according to state of the art firewalls. All information about credit card numbers is confidential and encrypted all the times. We encrypt all data communication through the web using 128 bit SSL with keys from and on our server we do it using 128 bit AES encryption.
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