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Refund and Order Cancellation


You can return any merchandise and cancel your order according to the following rules:




  1. You should ask for return authorization in a period of about 30 days since the day when the purchase has been made. Mind that it is important for returning a watch. Interchanges get 100% credit for future procurement until an output remains a special order item.
  2. If you would like to cancel your order, we will offer you two possibilities – refund or exchange. Watches looking superb on the photo may just not fit your style or appearance – unfortunately you may understand it only after looking in the mirror. In this case please contact our manager and discuss the possibility of exchanging them for another model of the same price (or with little addition or deduction).
  3. Another option is issuing a "Money back procedure" and if it is done less than 30 days after the deal, then we will fully refund you. If your purchase was done via Credit Card then 2% credit card fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
  4. Please be noted that orders worth more than $9500 are considered as "Special Order Items" and not refunded. You can exchange them for another model instead.
  5. Delivery charges are not refunded.
  6. An item can be neither interchanged nor refunded if it was changed, used and doesn’t have an original shape and condition.
  7. You can use any service and repair your watch, but mind that money is not refunded. We will solve any available difficulties with repair, work and service during a year since the day when the help has been provided.
  8. A person can buy, supersede or upgrade a dial only on interchange terms. In other words, a removed dial is exchanged for a new one.
  9. Mind: the timepieces can’t be refunded if they have been purchased by a watch distributor or manufacturer. It is also referred to a person who acts in their interests.
  10. An item is transported by means of FedEx across the territory of the USA. A customer is provided with full insurance coverage and signs our agreement. He or she will receive compensation in case of damage or loss while transporting. A purchaser promises not to use a credit card chargeback for its regaining and undertakes all responsibilities if there is a 'Signature Release'. As for transporting packages outside the USA, such items may not be provided with insurance coverage; moreover, the pretensions for damage or loss must be raised within 48 hours of a planned delivery.
  11. We can exercise our right and either cancel or reject an order. The contract will not be signed before charging a customer as well as collecting funds. Our company can also ask for such additional documents as a replica of a credit card and photo identification in order to prevent card deception. An order may be canceled if necessary information is not confirmed.


Learn more about the warranty:


A customer receives a warranty for a 2-year period in case of purchasing a watch from our company BestWatchSource.Com. One will get a warranty card with his or her purchase as well. Pay attention to the fact that our company is not a manufacture designated dealer or distributor for any of available timepieces, so this or that manufacturer can prefer not to fulfill the terms of the warranty. There is no return and no exchange if the merchandise is damaged by humidity, water or jolt.


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