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Omega Watches

The company "Omega" was founded in 1848. It remains to be one of the oldest watch companies at the given time. The creator of the brand was Louis Brandt, who assembled watches. Two sons led the company after father’s death and made a huge factory from a small workshop.

Omega watches are the energy of success and the greatest victories. Each watch is the masterpiece of art and the standard of innovative high-tech machinery. Almost all collections were marked by the highest awards in the international watch fair. There are such watch collections as Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster, Specialities and Speedmaster at the present time.

Omega watches – a choice of famous people

The luxury watches Omega are very popular nowadays; even famous actors advertise this brand. They really consider wearing these wrist watches to be an honour.

Many politicians, movie stars, famous athletes and businessmen choose Omega brand and purchase these watches. Among such star representatives are: American supermodel Cindy Crawford, popular Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, Swiss tennis player Martina Hingis, racers Alex Zanardi and Michael Schumacher and others.

These wrist watches are considered to be a symbol of success and victory. They were an important part of the technical support of the Air Force of Great Britain, the Olympic Games, NASA, etc. more than once.

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