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Chopard Watches – Your Life in Colors

If you speak about the large family of Swiss watch brands, it is impossible not to mention the brand of men's watches Chopard. The original feature of this brand is quiet confidence and dedication to the classic design of men's watches.

Quality of the first pocket watch LUC, called Louis Ulysses Chopard in 1912, impressed the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

Chopard watches are popular among show business stars and politicians, and just wealthy people.

Today Chopard produces 437 models of men's watches including a lot of the classic "train" models. Each year, the number of models is increased by 150.

What is the secret of success?

There is no simple answer to this question. Perhaps, it’s in the inseparable connection between the past, present and future, in the achievements of progress, coupled with preservation of priceless experience of generations of famous watchmakers and jewelers.

Popular innovation of Chopard wrist watches is the so-called "floating diamonds" by designer Ronald Kurowski.

Chopard has created several variations of the original models of "Happy Diamonds". This collection of "Happy Sport" is based on seven diamonds freely rotating, moving inside the dial sports watches.

In addition to classical and jewelry watches, Chopard designs collection for sport fans, and also ladies' watches. For example, women's sportswear wrist watches collection "Gstaad" was developed by the heir Caroline Scheufele and is named after the famous resort.

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