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Zirconium watches

Long time ago a watch was not only the means to know time, but it indicated the image of the person as well. Because, let’s be honest: why should someone invent different types of watches if it only was to show time? If at the beginning of the “watch fashion” a golden watch was popular mostly with women, men had their own “silent war” about who has the most massive watch. Nowadays, there are watches with silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. Zirconium watches appeared a few years ago and stood somehow aside, though, it didn’t mean, they didn’t have their audience.  

Cubic Zirconium is very popular among the connoisseurs of jewelry. It’s all thanks to its diamond-like luster. Recently it recommended itself as a great substitution of precious stones, such as diamonds. It became a very popular solution for those, who produce different kinds of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, necklaces and zirconium watches.

This artificial mineral was created at the beginning of the 20th century in the Lebedev’s Academy which was called “FIAN”, where it got its name - Fianite. The gem is being produced abroad according to the soviet license, but is called Zirconium.  

Zirconium, like diamond, has great heat resistance (about 2700 c), chemical resistance and high level of transparency. And, although colorless Zirconium stones are known for their diamond-like shine, they can be easily distinguished due to their low hardiness and refraction. Only very small stones can sometimes be hard to tell from real diamonds.       

Many people are not aware that Zirconium and cubic Zirconium are totally different gems. The thing is Fianite is an artificial crystal, practically an imitation of the diamond. But Zirconium is a natural mineral, and it contains different elements that give the stone different colors. It is cherished in jewelry, and that is why Zirconium watches are quite popular nowadays. They also say that the gem has magical powers, as the stone can be filled with a wish of the person who wears it.

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