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Bell and Ross
BR 01-94 Chronograph
BR 01-94PTC

Retail Price: $7,300.00 You Save: (20 %)Your Cost: $5,850.00

Bell and Ross
BR 01-94 Chronograph
BR 01-94TC

Retail Price: $6,900.00 You Save: (20 %)Your Cost: $5,550.00

Bell and Ross
BR 03-51 GTM
BR 03-51

Retail Price: $5,500.00 You Save: (20 %)Your Cost: $4,400.00

Feel the Power of the Titans! Meet Titanium Watches!


Titanium is a very strong material, harsh and durable, able to withstand almost any force. It is named after mythic Titans of the Ancient Greece. Titanium means power, force, might and zeal. Titanium watches symbolize it all, giving you a touch of the Titans.


Though steel has always been considered as one of the best materials for production of watches, genuine minds always look forward to implementing something new. Titanium was selected for its superior durability, extraordinary appearance and extreme sturdiness.


First companies to implement titanium to the production of watches started to conquer the market in early 1920s. Since then a great variety of models has been introduced, allowing everybody to choose the one that fits you the best.


Titanium watches have several undisputable advantages over common steel watches. Their cases are not scratched so easily, titanium doesnメt absorb heat, leaving your hand cool and dry on a hot day.


They will not malfunction in strong electromagnetic fields and they never rust. Quality is always supreme and outstanding. Choosing titanium you choose reliability and respectability in one piece.


The modern market offers a plenty of remarkable models, presented by several dozens of manufacturers. They differ from strict and plain Seikoメs and Citizen Watches to sophisticated and exquisite symbols of power and success, made by Ferragano.


Prices vary from several hundred to several thousands of dollars, giving every successful and purposeful person a chance to claim his ambition and fulfill his image by adding a piece of the Titans' might to his brilliant look. Try them now!

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