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Steel, Set with 132 Diamonds (1.52 ct total weight) Watches - Unique Watches for Unique People


The worlds of jewelry and watches are bound nowadays with "one chain". Watches collections completion of which goes into the shade compared to their precious design are balancing new masterpieces of famous jewelry brands.


Steel watches with 132 diamonds are the phenomena of the watch industry. Many companies assure that the idea of ??diamond-encrusted steel watches belongs to them. There are no proofs what company was the first, but one thing is certain: everyone went the road, which led them to success.


Diamonds are not a trend, they are the category. Some watches companies have been making diamond jewelry watches for most part of their history, while others joined the game recently. The initial motive is that women's watches with diamonds sell faster and in greater quantities than the same, but without stones.


The stronger sex, too, begins to buy watches with diamond inlays, although completely covered with diamonds male models are more the exception, than the rule. Rappers, hip-hoppers and other fashionable celebrities contribute to this fashion, appearing with ムcoolメ watches in videos, music clips and on the covers of fashion magazines.


The appearance of a diamond is an essential feature of its quality. If the diamond sparkles and reflects light, looks bright and white, most likely it is a stone of good quality. There are unique steel set with 132 diamonds (1.52 ct total weight) watches, which show that there are no limits for their creators.


If you buy a product of prestigious brands, like Cartier, Chopard, Piaget, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Chanel and others, you can be sure of a high quality of diamonds. Watches of these brands are not cheap, but the quality of the stones is guaranteed.


In conclusion, diamonds are and will always be in fashion. They could become a good investment, if they are in a necklace or a ring. But diamonds in watches are more like passion, than an investment. People with perfect taste would be fascinated by steel watches, set with 132 diamonds (1.52 ct total weight). Once you wear them, you wonメt put them off. Why? Because watches with diamonds will always attract not only women, but men too.

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