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Patek Philippe

Retail Price: $105,400.00Your Cost: $105,400.00

Patek Philippe
World Time

Retail Price: $65,300.00 You Save: (5 %)Your Cost: $62,035.00

Patek Philippe
Travel Time

Retail Price: $46,600.00 You Save: (5 %)Your Cost: $44,270.00

Patek Philippe
Annual Calendar

Retail Price: $63,600.00 You Save: (5 %)Your Cost: $60,420.00

Patek Philippe
Complicated Annual Calendar

Retail Price: $68,700.00 You Save: (5 %)Your Cost: $65,265.00

Patek Philippe
Complicated Annual Calendar

Retail Price: $92,700.00 You Save: (5 %)Your Cost: $88,065.00


Platinum Watches - Luxury on Your Wrist


Why platinum? Why not gold, for example? Why is it so expensive? Is platinum so much better than other material? The answer is yes. And here are some facts, which make you understand why platinum watches are better than watches from other materials.


The first quality which you should notice is the pureness of platinum. The main part of the platinum jewelry is 95% pure platinum, while 18-karat gold is only 75% pure gold, and the rest is metal alloy.


Another quality is the rarity of platinum. Every year the world produces only 180 tons of platinum, and 2,300 tons of gold. Therefore, platinum is a unique metal for unique customers. Buying platinum is a sign of distinction and exclusivity.


Platinum is a strong metal. This is one of the most durable and wear-resistant metals. This explains an extraordinary ability of platinum to keep precious stones securely in their frames, which gives you confidence that the stones are secure.


Platinum is a white metal. White gold looks white too, but the difference with platinum is that platinum is naturally white, and gold is naturally yellow.


Platinum will never wear out like other precious metals. Platinum watches require less maintenance than other watches.


Platinum will never lead to allergic reactions. It does not tarnish and does not react with chlorine. In this regard, the purity of platinum makes it an excellent choice for the increasing number of people with allergies or for those who want to wear their jewelry all the time, without worrying about possible loss of the color of metal.


For all these reasons, platinum is clearly different from other metals. This is a unique precious metal. If you want to feel special, then platinum watches are made for you.

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